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Gluten-free Blackcurrant and Almond Roulade

January 11, 2017


Well I know that I promised a raspberry, almond and vanilla roulade but when I was doing my weekly shopping I came across a jar of blackcurrant conserve that just screamed 'buy me'.  You see, I'm very easily persuaded by yummy things on the shelves and I'm a sucker for good packaging! 

Blackcurrant jam is my daughter's favourites and we have eaten everything that I made in the summer, so I brought the jar home intending to put it in the store cupboard but I just had to sample it first!  It was delicious.  Blackcurrants have such a fantastic flavour with a slight tartness that's really good in creamy desserts and mousses, they are tricky to get hold of but you can buy them frozen on-line.   So instead of cooking up some raspberries I went for the easy option and used the conserve in the roulade.  It didn't disappoint.  (NB If you are reading this in the US I think the definition of conserve is slightly different, this conserve is a really fruity, not quite so firmly set as jam but not runny like a compote.)

I started playing around with gluten free recipes after my Dad was diagnosed coeliac Christmas 2015.  He was a man that loved his wheat based foods, cakes, biscuits, bread, you name it he ate it.  So I tried to come up with gluten free versions of some of the things he loved.  Failed miserably on the bread front but had quite a bit of success with the cakes and am particularly pleased with this one.  Its relatively simple and quick to make just be careful not to overbake the sponge as it will be difficult to roll.

I hope you enjoy this recipe.  You could fill the rolled sponge with jam and buttercream for more of a cake/afternoon tea thing, nutella and  double cream would be a real treat too. I've tried to lighten it up a bit with half mascarpone and half Quark (fat free) you could use fat-free greek yoghurt if you can't find Quark. Really the filling combinations are endless.


Sieve dry ingredients, whisk eggs and sugar until whisk leaves a trail, pour into the prepared tin and bake.


Cover a sheet of baking parchment with caster sugar, tip baked sponge face down on sugar and roll up while still warm.


 Unroll and remove paper, spread with fillings and re-roll and decorate.


Really hope you like it.


Next time:


I have had so many requests for my Gluten-free Orange and Almond Ring Cake so, as its still January and we are all trying to be a bit healthier, I will be posting that at the weekend.





Gluten-free Blackcurrant and Almond Roulade






4          Large eggs

110g   Caster sugar

1 tsp   Almond extract

1 tbs   Hot water

55g     Ground almonds

55g     Gluten free White Bread flour

20g     Cornflour

¼  tsp Xanthan Gum

30g     Coconut Oil – melted (you can use butter)



Jar of blackcurrant conserve

250g  Mascarpone

250g   Quark – you could use fat free greek yoghurt

3tbs    Icing Sugar (to taste)

½ - 1tsp Almond extract



Juice of one lemon

Extra icing sugar

Flaked almonds


Swiss roll tin 35 x 25cm – greased and base lined

Active time:              30 minutes

Total time:                 1 ½  hours including cooling time

Serves 6 - 8




Make the sponge:

  • For the sponge, preheat the oven to 180C FAN.

  • Place the eggs, sugar and almond into a bowl and whisk until very light, fluffy and thickened. I do this in my stand mixer but a hand held electric mixer will do the job too.

  • Add the tablespoon of hot water and beat.  The hot water helps to prevent cracking.

  • Sift the almonds, flour, cornflour and xanthan gum together, pushing through as much of the almonds as possible.  Then sift a second time over the egg and sugar mixture and fold in gently. I use a metal balloon whisk, gently moving it through the mixture.

  • Add a little of the mixture to the melted butter or coconut oil and mix well.  This will help the oil incorporate better into the mix.  Fold in gently.

  • Pour the mixture into the lined tin and smooth it out with a spatula until evenly spread.

  • Bake the sponge for 10-12 minutes, or until just firm to the touch and your finger print bounces back. Do not overbake or the sponge will crack when rolling.

  • Place a sheet of baking parchment that is slightly bigger than the tray onto the work surface and dust with some caster sugar.

  • Turn the sponge out onto the parchment paper, roll up from the short with baking parchment still in place, leave to cool completely.


Make the filling and assemble:


  • Place all filling ingredients except the jam in a bowl and beat to combine. 

  • Unroll the sponge.  Peel the parchment off the back. Spread the blackcurrant jam over the sponge followed by a layer of mascarpone mix.  Roll up the sponge.

  • Mix some icing sugar with the juice of a lemon to create a coating icing.  Not too thick.

  • Lightly toast the almonds

  • Drizzle the icing over the roulade and sprinkle with almonds. 

  • Keep refrigerated.  Remove from fridge approx. 10 minutes before serving.









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