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Baking with added glitter

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19 Nov 2017

I confess gingerbread is not something I used to make.  Not sure why, I guess I just never really fancied it so never made it.  It was only when I had to come up with a gingerbread sculpture (mine loo...

31 Mar 2017

I'm going to keep my ramblings short and sweet this week as time is short.  My job as a garden designer keeps me very busy at this time of year and I'm trying to keep up with my baking but there are n...

15 Jan 2017

When I start a new blog page the template asks for an engaging title, not convinced that Gluten-free Boiled Orange Cake quite fits the bill.  It does not sound very appetising does it?  But if I say i...

11 Jan 2017

Well I know that I promised a raspberry, almond and vanilla roulade but when I was doing my weekly shopping I came across a jar of blackcurrant conserve that just screamed 'buy me'.  You see, I'm very...

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