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31 Jan 2017

How do you like the moody picture?  My daughter got a camera for her birthday and is taking some beautiful pictures.  We haven't set up an area for photography so have to use the available light in th...

22 Jan 2017

My husband loves bread, especially Italian bread, more specifically olive ciabatta.  Sadly that is one bread that I have yet to master completely. I have tried and I am improving but I wouldn't say I'...

15 Jan 2017

When I start a new blog page the template asks for an engaging title, not convinced that Gluten-free Boiled Orange Cake quite fits the bill.  It does not sound very appetising does it?  But if I say i...

11 Jan 2017

Well I know that I promised a raspberry, almond and vanilla roulade but when I was doing my weekly shopping I came across a jar of blackcurrant conserve that just screamed 'buy me'.  You see, I'm very...

6 Jan 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

Now, I know that January should be all about abstinence,  lettuce leaves and dusting off the gym membership card but I am a great believer in moderation.  I don't know abou...

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